Add a new dimension to your existing furniture with Benjamin, the intelligent hidden table! Use this versatile yet invisible solution to save space and increase room functionality - without disturbing the style that you have fashioned!

The Benjamin hidden table can be inserted in furniture that you already have at home (living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen, bathroom), at your workspace (office, storage room, showroom) or at your hospitality business (hotel, AirBnB), without disrupting the room's style or restricting comfort.


It can thus breathe new life to the room where you will choose to install it, multiplying the uses and functionality of existing furniture items, be they closets or night stands. Once installed, it looks like a simple closed drawer of the furniture that you have chosen. And still, the table that pops out whenever you truly need it is as handy and as sturdy as they come - easily supporting up to 100 kilos in weight! - and doesn't even require a vertical support beam (leg). Its DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation is simple, problem-free and bound not to take up more than 30 minutes of your time.

Economy, practicality and great after-sales service in one, perfect package deal!

The Benjamin hidden table is delightfully low-budget, costing almost half the amount of any other, similar table on sliding mountings. Furthermore, it is so easy to install that it will also save you the cost of an assembly and/or installation crew. This intelligent table is adaptable as to the dimensions that it can take and can therefore be fitted in most furniture pieces, given that it is equipped with a special modular mechanism allowing its depth to be regulated every 5cm (min. depth: 33cm, max. depth: 58cm).

If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact our specialised personnel by phone or email, so that we can answer your questions and brainstorm with you to come up with the ideal solution for your needs. We're by your side from the beginning to the very end as the Benjamin hidden table guarantee is good for 10 years, ensuring the repair and/or replacement of any broken mechanism, even if you no longer have proof of purchase!

Take advantage of our collaboration with various shipping and courier companies to benefit from reduced charges, wherever you want the Benjamin intelligent table delivered, both inside and outside of Greece!

Vialex Benjamin

Hidden table system for the kitchen, bedroom, and study.

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